Designing For LEED Silver

Irrigation for perennial plants is a waste of a precious resource. The BAM realty group needed a landscape design that would meet the LEED Silver rating for their newly constructed retail/office building in Oakley. A part of meeting LEED Silver is to have a landscape composed of plants that do not require any supplemental watering after its first year of planting.  The planting also needed to be inviting and complementary to the building as well as low-maintenance. The result: a unique entrance landscape filled with lush blooms and foliage throughout the growing season.

The parking lot next door is buffered by the Staghorn sumac.

John and his crew have done multiple projects for us, most recently landscape design and implementation for a newly constructed retail/office building in Oakley. The new-construction was going for LEED Silver, and needed to meet specific landscaping goals. John was able to design a landscape plan using native plants and that did not need supplemental irrigation, meeting the LEED Silver requirements, and staying on budget. He and his crew were very professional, communicative, and helpful throughout the whole process.
— Blythe, BAM Realty Group, Cincinnati, OH
Before + After

Before + After


A Living Mulch

After a few seasons of growth the amount of mulch necessary will become less and less. The planting design incorporates plants that will develop and grow with each other forming a ‘living mulch’ that will reduce evaporation, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weeds. Sweet.