Connecting people to their land through collaboration, design and education.


Our yards are our home. Through education and implementation we see a future in the Ohio River Valley where there is a greater connection between people and their land. A future where landscapes are in harmony with their natural systems and with the people who enjoy them.


Who we are

Our Land Organics is an ecological landscape company that designs, builds and maintains beautiful, regenerative home landscapes.

We strive to design landscapes that prioritize your goals while working with the ecology of the site.

Your land is an asset not a burden. We empower our clients to become an integral part of their landscape. We want you to enjoy and understand your yard.  You are apart of its ecology!  Aside from landscape consulting, design, and installation we offer educational opportunities such as seminars and hands-on workshops.

And if you are short on time and need help caring for your landscape we offer free landscape maintenance estimates. 



Not too far from Cincinnati lays the Red River Gorge. The Red’s forest floor is carpeted with beautiful plants and towering trees that climb up the steep sandstone rock.  You can’t help but be immersed. During the summer I spent there building cabins with a friend, I felt a part of the breathing flora - the clean water and sweet air.  “I want this to be my life,” I thought not just for a summer, not just on vacation but everyday.  Life is too short not to have abundance and beauty.  And we can have it right in our own yards.  We can go out and watch for hummingbirds, hear the leaves of the plants play against each other.  We can breath a little easier and feel a little richer- just with the right plants in the right place.  Let’s build some peace, one yard at a time.


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