Landscape Maintenance Services Questionairre

Welcome to Our Land Organics's Maintenance Questionnaire! If there is something that isn't listed please list it at the end.  We take pride in customizing a plan for you and your yard's unique needs. You can be sure that your family and pets are enjoying a safe and ecologically thriving yard! 

Name *
Spring Cleanup?
Can include (weeding, removing any debris, re-mulching, re-edging of beds, selective trimming of shrubs and small trees, cutting back perennials)
Summer Maintenance?
(deadheading, disbudding, weeding, plant health monitoring)
Fall Cleanup?
(leaf removal, leaf onsite shredding into mulch for beds to overwinter with, weeding, perennial cut back)
Any design / installation needs for this year?
If there is anything else you would like us to address for your yards needs please list it here!