Edible Landscaping

Fruit in your yard is like a present.  It's colorful, fun and oh, so sweet.  Apples, herbs, cherries, nectarines are all possible! Want some fruit? Click here


Pollinator Gardens

Bees, butterflies, and birds can be part of the landscape.  Choosing plants that are irresistible for creatures who love to dip and sip brings color and life to your yard.  You will be amazed at the variety of bees, butterflies, and birds that come to visit.  Click here to start planning. 


Storm water

Water is a gift in the right place and disastrous in the wrong place. Well managed water can keep mosquito populations down, prevent erosion and damage to your property, and lower your watering bill.  Water is our clients' biggest concern.  There is an opportunity in every problem.  Click here to find the opportunity in your yard.  



Grass Reduction

Have a tricky spot that you detest mowing? Low-maintenance plants can reduce the amount of time you mow.  Click here to mow no more.