Sustainable Sights Landscaping is looking for help for the upcoming season.  We collaborate often with them and highly recommend looking into this opportunity if you are interested in getting experience and developing a career in ecological landscaping. 


Job Description

Sustainable Sights Landscaping LLC

Casey Sumner- Owner


**Organic Landscaping Position Available**

Overview: Subcontracting position for Sustainable Sights Landscaping LLC

(1) Working in part with Sustainable Sights Landscaping

(2) As a subcontractor: (2a) Compensation; (2b) General Requirements






When: The end of March or early April to December, 2019, with the potential for future seasons.


(1) Working in part with Sustainable Sights Landscaping:

Sustainable Sights landscaping is an ecological landscape company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that is partnered with Our Land Organics (accredited organic landscape company). Together, we are entering our fourth year of paving the way for suburban change with practices influenced by permaculture, and other sustainable landscape philosophies. As an additional business partner, you will join this effort to bridge modern landscaping with practices that are non-toxic, long-lasting, and sometimes edible. While our communities are being confronted with a conventional and often harmful landscape approach, we aim to bring awareness to the value of one’s landscape by offering educational and friendly services; and improve the health of the land we touch for generations to come.

The work you will perform will be diverse: general landscape maintenance, full landscape demolition and reinstallation, edible plantings, hardscape installation, and carpentry.

To get a better understanding of our work, search Sustainable Sights Landscaping and Our Land Organics on Facebook and Instagram.


(2) As a subcontractor:

-Weekly contracts available on Monday-Thursday, with occasional Fridays.

-Hours: 730am-430pm

*As a subcontractor you will maintain your individual business status from Sustainable Sights and Our Land Organics. However, all of your work will be performed accompanied and supervised by either myself or John.  



Hourly rate determined upon interview.

Weekly pay starting at no less than $15.00/hr.


(2b)General Requirements:

-Several years of landscape or farming experience

-Truck or capable SUV and trailer

-Mechanical knowledge and competence to use any tool safely

-Good physical health: able to lift heavy objects and perform strenuous labor

-Basic landscape, hardscape, and carpentry tools


Contact Casey: