What is ecological landscaping? 

Ecological landscaping works with the natural systems of our environment rather than in opposition.

This means we build beneficial soil life, choose plants that are adapted to your yard’s microclimates, create beneficial connections between elements in your yard which creates less work and more fun.

It is a blend of horticulture and ecology that is applied to solve your landscaping problems.

We design landscapes that are in tune with the way nature functions.

In the past century, horticultural pursuits have led us astray from this logic.

Let’s change that.


Our Unique Ecological Landscape Services

Raised bed vegetable garden


Edible Landscaping  

You are allowed to eat plants in your landscape! Everything from vegetables to fruit trees can be artfully incorporated into your yard’s landscape.

Vegetable Gardens  

Concentrating your food production in one area can make sense at times, and if you have a sunny spot in your yard it's likely you have the ability to grow some of your favorite vegetables.  We utilize native plants to bring beneficial wildlife to help the vegetable garden as well.

Perennial Food Systems  

One of the most sustainable ways to grow food is to use perennials.  Planting fruit and nut trees will leave a legacy of healthy food for generations to come. Edible Forest Gardens is one approach we use when gardening in this style



Our native plants are adapted to the various growing conditions that yards present.  With proper site analysis we can utilize their tens of thousands of years of evolution to our benefit.  The result?  Plants that will thrive, creating a lower maintenance garden.

native wildflower.jpg



Water is a gift in the right place and disastrous in the wrong place. Well managed water can keep mosquito populations down, prevent erosion and damage to your property, and lower your watering bill.  Water is our clients' biggest concern.  There is an opportunity in every problem.  Click here to find the opportunity in your yard.



Imagine not having to mow portions of your yard anymore. Instead, imagine having that free time to be in a garden that brings beauty, food and beneficial wildlife to your yard  You will reduce fuel consumption, water use and have a beautiful garden to show for it. You in?  There are many landscape options depending on your goals and preferences including a prairie garden, pollinator garden or an outdoor living space.  The first step is to set up a phone call to talk about the possibilities here.

Turf turned to pollinator paradise



Get a front row seat. Pollinator gardens are designed to bring specific pollinators such as honey bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies to your yard.  Not only will this benefit your yard’s garden, but you will also be restoring needed habitat for these critical species.